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Tim Olsen has written music for a wide range of instrumental and vocal combinations, skill levels, and venues. Significant performances are listed in brackets. With a few exceptions, the music of Tim Olsen is available from Vischer Ferry Music Publishing Company (ASCAP).

Music for Large Ensemble

Kiriba (2005) wind ensemble

duration 8:00

commissioned by the Saratoga County (NY) Arts Council

Blue Line (2001) twelve brass and timpani

duration 4:00

commissioned by the Association for the Preservation of the Adirondacks, Schenectady, NY

[members of the Union College and Community Orchestra 11/01]

Trumpet Concerto (1997) trumpet and orchestra

duration 10:00

[Union College Orchestra, Brian Gilman, trumpet 11/97]

Passacaglia (1991) string orchestra (arranged for full orchestra 1998)

duration 10:00

commissioned by the Hamlet Strings, Espergaerde, Denmark

[Union College Orchestra 11/98; members of Yale Philharmonia 11/94; Hamlet Strings, Helsingor, Denmark 11/91]

Roman Holiday (1991) twelve players

duration 13:00

[Ensemblet for Ny Musik, Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen 4/91]

March--"Cap and Gown" (1989) wind ensemble

duration 3:45

[Yale Concert Band 5/90, 5/89]

Licking Stick (1988) wind ensemble

duration 12:15

[Union College Jazz Ensemble 2/00; Yale Composers Series 12/88]

Colorondo (1987) wind ensemble

duration 8:45

[Yale Composers Series 2/88]

Rhapsody for Trumpet and Strings (1982)

duration 4:30

[University City (MO) Symphony, Tim Olsen, trumpet 5/82]

Chamber and Solo Works

Three Postcards (2006) solo piano

duration 12:00

[Arts Center Theater, Saratoga Springs 4/06; WAMC-FM, Albany 4/06]

Dolly's Waltz (2004) solo piano

duration 3:00

Mountains/Trees (1995) 10 players

duration 8:00

[University of South Carolina School of Music, Columbia 7/95]

Veni, Veni (1994) handbell choir

duration 1:00

[Grace United Methodist Church, St. Louis, MO 12/00; Second Baptist Church, Clayton, MO 12/94]

Chanson d'Hiver (1994) flute solo

duration 8:00

[Reva Youngstein, Yale D.M.A. recital 11/94]

Betrachtung (1993) soprano, string quartet, piano

duration 10:00

[Indiana University School of Music 7/94]

Three Welsh Preludes (1990) organ

duration 4:00

[Church of the Redeemer, New Haven, CT 5/90]

Postlude-Fantasy on "Slane" (1990) organ

duration 2:00

[Church of the Redeemer, New Haven, CT 5/90]

Fantasia for Horn and Piano (1990)

duration 5:45

[New Music New Haven 2/90]

Oleolsen (1989) English horn, piano, guitar, percussion

duration 6:00

[Three Slender Fellas New Music Ensemble, Yale British Art Center 11/89]

Immoderate Acts (1988) trumpet and percussion

duration 11:00

[Union College Jazz Ensemble 10/98; Indiana University School of Music 6/96; SKRAEP Eksperimental Musikforum, Copenhagen, Denmark 5/91; John Dewey High School, Brooklyn, NY 4/89; Yale Composers Series, Tim Olsen trumpet, Ray Kaczynski, percussion 4/88]

Anagrams (1987) bass clarinet, tuba, and contrabass

duration 12:30

[Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA 3/00; University of Georgia, Athens, GA 2/00; University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 2/00; Yale Composers Series 4/87]

Mamba (No. 1) (1987) four trombones and percussion

duration 6:00

[Yale Composers Series, Tim Olsen, cond. 12/87]

Melody for twelve winds (1986)

duration 11:00

[John Dewey High School, Brooklyn, NY 4/89; Yale Composers Series, Tim Olsen, cond. 12/87]

Rhumba Phase (1985) 3-5 percussion

duration 5:30

[University of San Diego, San Diego, CA 10/97; Indiana University School of Music 7/96; Tapsichore, St. Louis, MO 7/94; Yale University 3/92; SKRŪP Eksperimental Musikforum, Copenhagen, Denmark 5/91; University of California-Redlands 10/88; American Society of University Composers Convention, Lawrence, KS 5/88; Minnesota Composers Forum, St. Paul 10/85; Normandale Community College, Bloomington, MN 5/85; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 5/85]

Quartet (1984/rev. 1994) clarinet or English horn, violin, viola, cello

duration 13:20

[Minnesota Composers Forum, Mpls. 4/85]

Prelude and Caccia (1984) trumpet, horn, trombone

duration 5:00

[University of Minnesota Student Composers Series, Minneapolis, MN 2/84]

A Riddle Song (1983) tenor and piano

duration 2:00

[Washington University honors recital 4/83]

Rhapsody for trumpet and piano (1982)

duration 4:30

[Washington University honors recital 4/83]

Prelude for piano four-hands (1981)

duration 5:45

[Washington University Student Composers Series 3/82]

Metaphrasis for solo cello (1980)

duration 6:00

[Washington University honors recital 4/83]

Ten Studies for two trumpets (1980)

duration 12:00

[Washington University Student Composers Series 12/80]

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